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A Long Time Ago,
In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away....

....wait, that's a different story.

Dominion Fencing was founded ten years ago, when a small club folded unexpectedly and closed its doors. A dozen students were suddenly out on the street with no place to fence, and Jill Feldman and I felt that we had to take action. With the help of our students, and their parents, Dominion Fencing started up over night to give the newly orphaned fencers a place to practice their passion.

Now, ten years later, the pressure of our day jobs and life outside of fencing has forced our decision to close Dominion Fencing. But what a great ten years! We've been proud to see our students make the podium in everything from local events to National Finals. We've put fencers on college teams and National Teams. We've sat by the side of the strip while our students have fought, and learned, and grown. And Jill and I have grown and learned along with all of you.

A parent told me, a few years ago when her child made her first National final, that "she couldn't have done it without you". Well, Jill and I couldn't have built this club without all of YOU: our students, our parents, and our fellow fencers.

We will leave this website up for the foreseeable future. We've gotten good feedback on the pages remaining (the equipment and parent FAQ) and we will continue to be active in the Virginia fencing community, including making ourselves available for coaching clinics, private consultation, and the occasional lesson at your club. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any fencing questions, though Dominion will cease all formal operations as of June 26, 2013.

Jill and I remain in Virginia, active in fencing, refereeing, tournament committees, the Division, and yes, coaching as well, though not as often as we did before. We won't say good-bye, because we'll always be here, for our sport, and for our students.

Allen Evans
Jill Feldman
Dominion Fencing